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On June 28, the ridgepole celebration was celebrated for the SIA “PK serviss” site – the production building. Traditionally, the ridgepole celebration marks the completion of the construction phase – the building framework has been constructed and roof structures have been assembled. The ridgepole celebration is one of the most beautiful moments in every construction process – with the finishing of the roof structures the overall look of the building takes form, so for the builders the ridgepole celebration is always a special event. The ridgepole celebration is a moment when the owners of the building and the contractors of the construction work commend the designers, building supervisors and builders for the hard work they have done so far. At the very highest point of the building the builders hang a wreath which signifies a good relationship between owners of the building and builders, and symbolizes security for the new building, while the owners, in gratitude to the builders, set the celebration table.

Published: 15.07.2019
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