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Choosing Torverk gates, you have unlimited possibilities!

We are the official representative of the Swedish industrial gate manufacturer TORVERK in Latvia, providing prompt delivery and assembly, as well as guarantees and non-warranty services. TORVERK gates are recognized worldwide, they stand out with their quality and longevity. We offer a variety of THORVERK industrial gate solutions – various types of gate openings, insulated gates, the possibility of adjusting sizes individually, wide selection of colors, automatic or hand-operated, with or without windows, etc. Each gate solution is produced individually.





Ltd. “PK serviss” in cooperation with TORVERK Industrial Doors AB, has the expertise and resources needed to assess your needs and, on the basis of them, to determine the type of door that might be the most economical for you and at the same time the most environment-friendly, both now and in the future.
TORVERK gates are used in truck service stations, garages, car manufacturing plants, airports, fire depots and large industrial sites requiring large-scale equipment, as the width of the gates can reach 12 meters.
In Latvia, such gates are set up at the international airport “Riga”, in companies “Latvijas Finieris”, “HGF-Riga”, “Hidrotehnika”, Scania in Riga, Scania in Daugavpils, Scania in Valmiera, Volvo Truck in Valmiera.

Longevity, environmental and quality responsibility

“We’re not producing gates for a few years, 
We’re producing gates that will last for generations!”






The gate experts know that there are three aspects that have the greatest environmental impact:

  1. Energy losses during use
  2. Road transport for service purposes
  3. Short life span of product

The task of TORVERK is to make doors that would be cheap to maintain, but at the same time also contribute to environmental improvement! Good for you and the environment! The aim of TORVERK is to ensure the product has a long and economic life, to minimize waste and to make optimal use of raw materials, as well as to minimize the needs of service and road transport. After all, any product becomes a waste. Q-DOOR FX’s ultra-long lifetime means a corresponding reduction in environmental load. Almost all the materials used are recyclable.



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