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Construction works at Babite Secondary school completed on 2021

By order of Babite Secondary school on 2021 we have completed following construction works: basement insulation works, construction of new monolithic concrete ladders and supporting wall and landscaping works. It is our pleasure that pupil will now enjoy a better quality environment and that the beautiful flower beds will benefit the inhabitants of Pinki  

Pasta and BIO cereal flakes production plants completed

In the end of 2020 two new production plants were completed – Pasta production plant and BIO cereal flakes production plant. Construction works were ordered by our permanent customer AS “Dobeles dzirnavnieks”. Construction works were performed used sliding formwork technology. The sliding formwork technology allowed to reduce the initially planned time for the construction works …

Expansion of the GroGlass plant and rebuilding of the office

In December 2020 a project was completed that extended the GroGlass plant and completely rebuilt the office structure. Project included construction of internal and external engineering networks and landscaping works. The interior of the office is constructed by the project of architect Brigita Bula. Telphers – chain cranes moving at beams are built into the …

Construction of Rimi Drive shelter started at Spice

Year 2021 started with construction works at the site “Reconstruction of the Shopping Mall in Jaunmoku Street 21, Riga”, ordered by Plesko Real Estate. It is planned to build Rimi Drive shelter, which includes both general construction works and rebuilding of engineering networks. During the constructions works, the shopping mall continues to work on regular basis. We are happy to work with Plesko Real Estate again.