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In the end of 2020 two new production plants were completed – Pasta production plant and BIO cereal flakes production plant. Construction works were ordered by our permanent customer AS “Dobeles dzirnavnieks”.

Construction works were performed used sliding formwork technology. The sliding formwork technology allowed to reduce the initially planned time for the construction works by 50%. Height of the building – 49 meters. Using sliding formwork technology, concrete pouring has been performed with rate of climb 2,5m/24h. The construction works have been carried out without interrupting the work of the rest of the plant. We are grateful to the customer who trusted us and agreed to use this modern technology. This has been an intense and exciting work!

Services provided by PK serviss:

  • General construction
  • Redesign from the use of the simple formwork system to the use of the sliding formwork system
  • Construction of internal and external engineering networks
  • Concrete pouring with sliding formworks.

In sliding formworks technology we have cooperation with our partner Gleitbau Gmbh

Video on sliding formworks technology: here…




Published: 30.03.2021
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